Province Day




Visiting Sisters Arrive!


All Day

Sisters from all over the state are welcome to arrive at Province Day a day early! Find directions from your school here. If you would like to sign up to stay with a sister from Delta Lambda, click here.

There will be a craft held on Friday night as a getting-to-know-you activity! Our head of Social and Sisterhood committee, Ellie, is planning a PJs and Pearler Beads night! There will be a potluck provided by hosting sisters. It will take place in Mason Hall room 2140 at 8pm.

Opening Ceremony


9:00 am

This is the official start of Province Day! We will be meeting in Dier's Recital Hall in Mason School of Music on campus. It will not run longer than an hour and likely include some opening words and introductions.



10:00 am

There will be two different workshops. They will each run about an hour long, and sisters have the choice of taking the same workshop twice, or picking their first workshop and then switching after an hour to get a taste of both.

Workshop A: Relax and jam with us in this ukulele jam by Delta Lambda's President and Editor, Charlotte and Lena. Don't have a ukulele? We will provide one! Don't know how to play? We can teach you! This is meant to be a fun workshop where you can pick up a new skill of playing the uke, or just sit back and enjoy time with your sisters and sing along. If you have your own uke, please bring it!

Workshop B: Delta Lambda's own Vice President of Membership, Kara, will be hosting a self-care for musicians workshop. Kara will be presenting information on what happens to our brain and body when we stress, and how to cope. This will be followed by a craft of positive affirmation posters, which we will hang in the practice rooms!



12:00 pm

Lunch will be catered by the Fredonia Student Association. It will include vegetarian and vegan entrees as well as regular entrees. It will be held in the Horizon Room in the William's Center building directly across the street from Mason Hall.

Break/ Warm-Up


1:00 pm

This is a space for extra time. Use it to explore the campus, walk around and talk to other sisters, or whatever you may please!

You can also take this time to meet up with some Delta Lambda sisters in vocal preparation for the musicale and the sister sing today!



2:00 pm

Come and perform with us! Province Day musicale will be open to any and all sisters wanting to perform. You can pick any style or genre, it can be something casual or something you've been wanting to show off. It will take place in Rosch Recital Hall. Come one, come all! Musicale sign-ups can be found here.

Alumnae Q&A


3:00 pm

We're all here! We've all made a life long commitment to a wonderful fraternity! But... what happens when you graduate and leave your collegiate chapter behind? Find out how to get involved in alumnae chapters and beyond in the Q&A session with sisters from around the state! This will take place in Mason Hall Room 1080.



3:00 pm

The sisters of Delta Lambda's Fundraising and Community Service (FaCS) Committee will be teaching everyone how to make tie blankets! The blankets will be donated to animals in need at the Chautaqua County Humane Society- just in time for winter! This will also be held in the same room as the last activity, Mason Hall 1080.

Sister Sing


4:30 pm

As Province Day is coming to a close, we will be whipping out our Red Books for one last sister bonding activity. In Mason Hall room 1080, we will gather around a piano and sing classics from our red music book. This will be lead by DL's song director Tess, but please feel free to bring some suggestions and tell us what you've incorporated into your chapters!

Closing Ceremony


5:00 pm

Join us for our closing ceremony in 1080 as we reflect on our wonderful day!

Sisters who are traveling far distances are welcome to stay into Sunday if they wish. They may stay at a hotel or a hosting sister. 


Note from Editor

Welcome to our page! Please feel free to get in contact with me for everything news/ public information related business.


Phone: 203-727-3034

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