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Province Day A Success

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Though faced with many trials and tribulations, Eta A and Eta B's Province Day hosted by Delta Lambda Chapter at SUNY Fredonia was a huge success!

Our chapter was met by many challenges such as working with the Fredonia Student Association on the catering, planning a backup workshop in case our guest speaker could not attend, and figuring out the housing situation all within about two months, but despite the odds we managed  to have a fantastic day where we met sisters from all around the country. 

Events of our day included two workshops: a self-care lecture by Kara Freise and a ukulele jam by Charlotte Giese, Anna Fortais, and Lena Kemper; a sister sing-along; a craft led by Amanda Gribbin  creating simple tie blankets for the animals in need of adoption at the Chautaqua County Humane Society; and an Alumnae Q&A session. We also held a musicale featuring Nora Ramsey, Helen Lewis, Tess Kremer, Bre Bryce, Sabrina Sanner, Stephanie Pierre-Jacques, Abby Carpenter, Anna Fortais, and Rory Buscaglia. 

Sisters in attendance had the opportunity to meet and speak with many sisters who have worked in other leadership positions as well, including Phi B Province officer Michelle Werner (Ingram) and Regional Officer Mary Jennings. They answered questions sisters asked such as "how does one become a Province Officer?" or "How do you start your own alumnae chapter?"

All of the sisters we met had a new story and different experiences to tell about SAI, but it was clear that everyone in attendance had a firm love of this cherished sisterhood.

Love and Roses,

Lena (Editor)


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